ALOHA at sup-rise!

You love Stand-Up-Paddling? Come out as a SUP-lover! Water- and Landbased

What does sup-rise offer?

With sup-rise you can wear authentic clothes, that show your passion for Stand Up Paddling.


Why authentic? All sup-rise-ideas are born while paddling.


What's so special?

Each sport has it's own brands. With that identifying feature, foreigners feel connected and start chatting about their passion.


sup-rise wants to offer you Stand Up Paddling- Designs, that can't be mistaken for other water sports.


With sup-rise you can

...come out as a SUP-lover your passion

...make SUP-lovers a unique gift.

Where can I order?

You can order on-demand at my spreadshop.

Why sup-rise?

...because Stand-Up-Paddling is not boring!