The story of sup-rise

Everything starts with 1 broken ankle, 2 hours of surgery and 12 weeks of recovery. Plenty of time to think about life.


I realize: I can't take a healthy body for granted - it is a gift! In order to stay happy, I remind myself of happy times, such as my first try to stand on a SUP last summer.


I wonder, is there anything that can stop me to learn how to SUP? Not at all!


No sooner said than done: Getting rid of crutches - finding back my feet - jumping on the water. My passion for Stand Up Paddling rises with every stroke.

One year later:


I gain a license as a SUP-instructor, but loose two dress sizes. However, I need new clothes!


Unfortunatly I can't find authentic SUP-designs - neither online nor at surfer stores. However, I make up my own design with Daniel Jennewein.


Now I would like to offer our art of work everybody, who is looking for authentic Stand-Up-Paddling-Designs.